Mitchell J Abrams

I am a masters student student in Linguistics at Georgetown University, specializing in computational linguistics. I recieved my BA from Binghamton University in Linguistics where I worked in a psycholinguitics lab focused on spoken word recognition and served as a TA and tutor for ESL students. I am interested in corpus linguistics (developing and annotating corpora), Coptic treebanking, NLP, and forensic linguistics.


I've recently been contributing to the development of the first Coptic universal dependency treebank, a corpus of Coptic (sahidic dialect) syntactically annotated under the Universal Dependencies framework. I have also worked with Coptic corpora (Coptic Scriptorium) by digitalizing and manually segmenting original texts, translating, contributing to annotation guidelines, and manually linking entities for NER. I am also a part of CorpLing@Georgetown, Georgetown Universty's computational corpus linguistics lab. Here, we work on developing NLP and annotation tools for corpora.


Zeldes, Amir and Mitchell Abrams (2018), "The Coptic Universal Dependency Treebank". In: Proceedings of the Universal Dependencies Workshop 2018 (UDW 2018). Brussels, Belgium.


mja284 at georgetown dot edu


Georgetown University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Master of Science: Computational Linguistics

Binghamton University, Harper College Bachelor of Arts: Linguistics, Minor: Japanese Graduated May, 2017


Growing up in New York City has sparked my passion for lingusitics as I've been surrounded by many languages and speech varieties. For fun, I document the linguistic landscape of New York City, capturing anything from graffiti to offical government singage. Outside of my studies, I'm a competitive runner for the a post-collegiate DC running team, GRC, continuing my love for the sport after running NCAA Division 1 Track and Field at Binghamton University.